The Overend

Ramblings and Rhymes and Other Things Sublime


Hello, welcome to my site!

My name is Liam Overend and I am (currently) an unpublished writer of poetry, children’s picture books and other works of fiction and non-fiction. As this doesn’t pay very well I have a side hustle doing metallurgy which takes up about 37 hours a week plus commuting time.

I have always written poetry, whether it be short and sweet ditties or rewriting song lyrics for comedy value. I love it. I love playing with words; a pun here, an unexpected twist there. People say that I manage to capture the ordinary and turn it into something that they had never considered could be funny.

I enjoy writing about my travel adventures as can be seen on my other blog, although I don’t contribute much to this anymore. I have been writing about my first trip to Florida to see the shuttle launch for years now, it might be finished for the tenth anniversary of the adventure!

I’m also a big lover of music and computer games and I will write about it from time to time. I couldn’t do this full-time though as after a while my reviews all start sounding the same! However, I have started to catalogue my collection with my blog

When I’m not writing, I dabble in a bit of gaming (console and the board variety), go to gigs, climb and take the Lotus out for a spin – not as much as I should though, it spends more time as a work of art than a car. I used to run a bit but with the recent purchase of a house, this has been swapped for DIY and nursery building for baby Overend number one!

For this site, most of the photography is my own and I will credit others if it is not. The equipment I use varies, but currently in my arsenal are:

Huawei Y7 mobile phone

Kodak camera

Gaming screenshots will be taken from my XBox One


I use the following editing software and apps:

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Paint (it’s amazing what you can do with this)

The Huawei Y7 Gallery tools

Snapseed App – good for filters and adding labels

Layout App – good for collages

Mematic App – for memes

Instagram App

For writing purposes, I tend to use the current version of Microsoft Word and my writing is normally done on my HP Laptop which is too slow for my liking. I need to get one of my tech-friends to look at it.


Thanks for stopping by, if there’s something you like, let me know. Share, comment, you know the drill!