Today was World Book Day. I know this, not because of my love of books, but rather because my Facebook feed was full of pictures of children dressed up as their favourite literary characters. And one Batman. When my little one is older I’m sending him in with a towel and a dressing gown.

I have loads of books. I wrote a poem that pretty much sums up my attitude when it comes to buying books which I’m pretty sure a lot of people will relate to, much to Marie Kondo’s exasperation.


Books, Books, Books

I love books

Books, books, books,

I’ve got heaps and stacks and tons.

The shelves are all full,

Teeming and overflowing,

If I stacked them up they’d reach unto the sun!


Books about people,

Journals on travel,

Sci-fi and some fantasy

I’ll buy a book

Especially if it’s a deal

Whatever really takes my fancy


What’s my favourite one?

How many have I got?

Do I take a book with me to bed?

Why, my dear friend,

I haven’t got a clue!

I buy the books, but they’re never read!