Hello. I’ve written a lot this week but the poem I am going to share with you today is special in the way that it combines my day job (metallurgy) with my super-hero power of rhyme! I felt it was a good way to get my geek on.

I was inspired by Harry Baker as I watched his poem about prime numbers and thought, hell, if he can make a poem about maths then surely I can do one about metals! Mine is even educational (to an extent). His poetry is really good, very clever. You can check it out here – https://www.harrybaker.co/ or look on YouTube, but be sure to check mine out first!

That’s right, as a first for me, I have put one of my poems on YouTube. Head on over by clicking here to watch it, or if you want to read it first, see below.

I’m not a big fan of my voice and I’m a believer that I’m a better writer than performer but I suppose I just need a bit more practice in front of the camera. I filmed it on my Huawei Y7 and I don’t think the microphone is the best and it kept trying to auto-focus but it will do for now. Might invest in some proper video equipment later.

Anyway, without further ado, allow me to present:

Stainless-ness Steel by Liam Overend

It causes me much grief

That contrary to belief

Stainless steel isn’t really stainless

You shouldn’t be surprised

That it can be oxidised

And turned into a brown and flaky mess


When left in certain acids

The metal becomes less placid

And bubbles indicate a small reaction

You’ll see the surface layer

Becomes darker and much greyer

And soon you won’t be seeing your reflection


And it’s not just acids, see

That make stainless less shiny

But welding is also a thing they hate

If you get your practise wrong

Those tiny atoms will move along

And your carbons will sure enough migrate


And why is it they roam?

They have an affinity for chrome

Call it some small atomic lust

So if you agitate the surface

The stainless can’t fulfill its purpose

And that’s how, ladies and gentlemen, your stainless steel will rust


Thank you very much for reading, and remember to check out my YouTube video by clicking here!