The amount of people I see on their mobile phones whilst driving is shocking. Rather than rant about it, I thought I’d divert my energies into writing a poem, the rant can wait for another day.

Texting whilst Driving by Liam Overend

Jaxon loved his mobile phone

He was never off it around the home

Whatsapp, Snapchat and a Tweet

His head down pointing towards his feet

He even used it whilst driving


But he didn’t care, folk had to know

Why his commute had become so slow

When the cars would stop ahead

If the lights changed from green to red

Or when traffic came to a crawl

He’d message his friends, he’d tell them all

That he was stuck on the motorway


But because he was busy sending a text

He did not see what happened next

The lorry in front stopped suddenly

And so did Jaxon, you see, for he

Hit the bumper of the truck

(And this is where he ran out of luck)

The lorry’s load became quite slack

And started rolling off the back

The concrete pipes smashed Jaxon’s Merc

And squashed our Jaxon, the silly berk

They crushed him whole, they squashed him flat

His four-by-four was now compact

And other people in the queue

Got out their phones (it’s the thing to do)

They took some footage of the whelp

Instead of seeing if they could help

They filmed the scene of the car in bits

And put it on YouTube to get some hits

I hope before disaster struck

Jaxon changed his status on Facebook

‘Can anyone recommend for me

A place in heaven with good 4G?’

The lesson here to stay alive

Don’t use your flaming phone and drive

And although his demise wasn’t good for him

It did go viral as a meme…